Hello, my name is Peter Eckhardt. I am a born Frankonian and have always been fascinated by glass, one of the oldest working materials known to mankind. This has led me to the Black Forrest. After an apprenticeship to a glass blower at the glass college of Wertheim I have been working over three decades in the art of “glass blowing in front of an open flame”. It means I work with a burner which is fired by gas and oxygen. “Glass blowing in front of an open flame” goes back to former times when an oil lamp with bellows was used to heat glass sticks to make the glass malleable. The oil lamp has been substituted by a glass burner but the name has remained. For hundred and hundred years the art of glass blowing has been an important craft in the Black Forest. Today there are only a few glass blowers left. And I am one of them.


In my workshop in Altglashütten, a small in the 17th century founded community by glass makers, named Feldberg, I create handcraft for decoration and art using different types of glass. I use glass tubes and sticks, which are heated to approximately 1.500 degrees. The shapes are created by twisting, blowing and stretching the glass. You are welcome to watch me working and to purchase vases, jugs, jewellery and different items of glass as a special souvenir of the Black Forest.

Video SWR Landesschau Mobil

Link zur Ferienwohnung direkt neben der Glasbläserei